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Digital Working Capital Advice

65% of SMEs face working capital problems. But no worries!

There is a tool to help you optimise your working capital now : Growth Navigator.

Poor working capital management causes short term liquidity squeeze that requires short-term financing solutions. These solutions often comes with high interest rates. This loop of short term solutions is like treating the symptoms instead of treating the root cause of the problem and most probably it will create chronic financial problems for companies. There is a way to reverse this vicious cycle. This problem can be addressed and businesses can be made financially healthier by structural improvements to their working capital.

This is exactly what Growth Navigator does. The algorithm of the tool structurally improves working capital, by scanning financial data, identifying liquidity squeeze risks and solution opportunities. Taking multiple data points into account, the algorithm provides customised, actionable insights on how to optimise working capital. This optimisation loop continues every time the solutions are implemented and data is updated.

With its easy to use, intuitive dashboard, the tool saves a lot of time on liquidity management, saves costs on 3rd party financing and unlocks cash to accelerate growth.

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