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Smart category planning, optimization and rapid scenario generation - in minutes not months

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HIVERY Curate - AI Category Management Solution with powerful rapid category scenario planning.


HIVERY Curate helps you rapidly develop category scenarios and space - assortment aware planograms at store level reducing the time and cost involved in product category analysing, producing and planning by up to 80%. Designed to be simple, fast and easy, HIVERY Curate makes it you become an indispensable partner to retailers. 


Retailers and CPG companies spend thousands of person-hours running category assortments and drawing planograms. This work is so tedious and time-consuming

What does this mean:

Industry is forced to take a high-level ‘do everything all at once in every store the same way’ approach, and even then, it still takes months of work to pull off with suboptimal outcomes. This is what HIVERY Curate solves. With technology originated in Data61/CSIRO (Australia’s national science agency) laboratories, HIVERY Curate offers hyper-local retailing to life through the following.  

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