CRM Accelerator for Financial Services

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Unify and automate your financial processes with our industry-specific accelerator

Is your financial services firm looking to deepen client relationships, maximize client value, and deliver the best customer service possible?

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, our CRM Accelerator for Financial Services offers a centralized hub for streamlined customer-centric operations, ensuring a holistic approach to meeting client demands for instant, personalized service. AI and Co-pilot infused, it enables firms across all sectors of the financial services industry to seamlessly manage their diverse activities across multiple channels.

HSO's CRM Accelerator for Financial Services helps transform your Financial Services business by enabling streamlined operations and personalized customer engagements, right out of the box. Elevate your institution's digital presence effortlessly with our platform's strong yet flexible foundation.

Benefits include:
  • 360-degree view of customer data enables employees to deliver enhanced customer experiences
  • Reduce onboarding and operational costs
  • Easily and accurately manage your financial operations
  • Allows contact centers to handle more interactions and anticipate customer needs
  • Manage business activities automatically with tailored workflows
  • Financial System Integration
  • Works on all devices

Ready to try our Financial Services Blueprint, or have additional questions? Click on the link to get started today.

** Please note: This offer includes a 90-day engagement period. HSO does have the ability to tailor your solution further, leveraging our platform's flexibility to meet your unique needs.

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