OpenBlue Enterprise Manager

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Provide real-time data visibility across assets, people, and processes.

OpenBlue Enterprise Manager: Your gateway to your sustainability and business goals.

Digital solutions that improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emission, optimize space use and equipment performance, and ensure health and wellbeing of occupants.

With OpenBlue Enterprise Manager we provide real-time data visibility across assets, people, and processes, empowering you to drive intelligent and proactive operations. Imagine a single pane of glass, a gateway to the live activity of your building, where a seamless connection and data flow are established with our smart building platform.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability
Unlocking building performance
OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - Your gateway to net zero and improving your bottom line

Demand for net zero solutions has never been greater. Analysts, investors and regulators expect progress toward decarbonization, which puts pressure on you to improve the efficiency of your energy use, water and waste management, and, ultimately, reduce your carbon footprint.

Take realistic steps with OpenBlue Enterprise Manager to track, reduce and control energy use and accelerate progress to carbon reduction goals.

Space, Wellbeing, & Productivity

Unlock your building’s potential

OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - Your gateway to optimize utilization and health of your spaces

Clean air and healthier spaces ensure greater productivity and enable companies to deliver on their business objectives. Any investment in air quality is also an investment in employee wellness and energy savings. Office space utilization is currently at 50 percent of pre-pandemic levels and 74 percent of businesses plan on maintaining a hybrid work environment. Organizations must create a comfortable and productive workplaces.

With OpenBlue Enterprise Manager we’re creating world-class spaces and experiences that engage tenants, attracts and retains talent, boosts health and increase occupant productivity.

Operational Efficiency & Equipment Performance

Unlock the performance of your equipment

OpenBlue Enterprise Manager - Your gateway to smart facility management

Older buildings and equipment need more servicing. The skills and expertise available to you wane as a workforce ages, leaving you struggling to find talent with the necessary experience. At the same time, manual systems for gathering data and managing service tickets lead to inefficiencies and budget pressures. You need easy-to use systems that streamline workflow.

Reframe your outlook with Johnson Controls and your equipment performance goals become more achievable. Advance operational efficiency through proactive management of equipment performance and optimization of maintenance services with OpenBlue Enterprise Manager.

Advance your data insights to action with cloud-enabled scale and security.

Sustainability & Tenant Value Operations as Competitive Advantage Manage Space Utilization & Health Secure & Future Proof Technology

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