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AI-powered text analytics software for customer-centric organisations

Great businesses are built on two key pillars: a highly capable and engaged workforce and customers that love you. Sounds simple right? But when you have 1,000's of employees and customers, how can you get the understanding of the key issues affecting them to make the most impactful decisions possible?

Enter Kapiche, an AI-powered text analytics solution hosted on Azure for understanding customer and employee feedback at scale, enabling you to make the most impactful decisions for your business.

Kapiche is designed to uncover the actionable insights in customer and employee feedback, from both your structured and unstructured data, enabling you to make strategic decisions that have the biggest impact on customer and/or employee satisfaction and overall revenue growth.

Regardless of whether the data is from NPS, CSAT or CES surveys, call centre log transcriptions, product reviews, or employee pulse surveys, Kapiche does the heavy lifting for your analysts, producing insights deeper, faster and more accurate than has previously been possible.

At the heart of Kapiche is a state of the art AI-powered Natural Language Processing and Analytics engine hosted on Azure, capable of ingesting and analysing thousands of structured and unstructured text data points in seconds to find the actionable insights. Unlike other solutions, Kapiche doesn't need any complicated setup or customisation to your particular data domain or business. You can get up and running with Kapiche in minutes.

Use Kapiche to answer your strategic CX questions:

  • What can I do to improve customer experience?
  • How do I increase our NPS/CSAT/CES score?
  • Which customer issues should we prioritise?
  • What is the best way to reduce customer churn?
  • How do I reduce costs and grow our revenue?
  • How do we know our customer strategy is right?

Kapiche’s advanced AI technology will help you drive long-term revenue growth by quickly identifying and addressing those customer or employee issues that are having the biggest impact on your chosen CX or EX metric with confidence.