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With Klynke, you get time tracking, timesheets, and overview of time spent by teams.

Save time and benefit from the seamless Klynke integration with Microsoft 365 & Teams. Track time on teams and projects, Microsoft Outlook Calendar Events and Planner Tasks - without leaving Microsoft 365.

Easily create customized timesheets based on powerful filter capabilities, export to Microsoft Excel - ready for billing.

Keep work on track with the easy-to-use Klynke Project management tool to gain insight into project status with data visualization.

Handling of customer case-based smaller projects and issues are managed by the easy-to-use Klynke Case management tool.

For small and medium sized businesses and professionals. You can have multiple teams, unlimited users, and unlimited projects.

Empower your team with easy time tracking on:

  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar Events
  • Microsoft Planner Tasks
  • Teams in your organization
  • Your projects
  • Your cases

The Klynke integration with Microsoft 365 and Teams gives you an overview of your projects in an effortless way:

  • Easily track and report time directly from Microsoft Outlook Calendars and Microsoft Planner Tasks.
  • Custom filter your timesheets - ready for export to Microsoft Excel.
  • Track time on projects.
  • Instant status on projects, estimate vs. actual time and visualization.
  • Handling of customer cases.

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Get valuable time tracking with instant overview.

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