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This application is available only in Dutch.

For the employee

The Skillpas is a clear online tool with which every employee can discover, keep track of and present his / her talents and skills to match them in the place within the organization that suits him or her best.

With a Skillpas,employees gain access to SelfAssessments and assignments that help to develop relevant new (soft) skills and thus remainvaluable within the organization. It helps employees to be found better internally. Notonly for advancement within their current field, but also makes it clear which career steps to another field would fit. In this way, employees remain agile and prepared for the rapidly changing demands placed on employees. Simply by focusing on talents and skills that are required in multiple positions.

A Skillpas supported for questions such as:

1. What are my unique skills and talents?

2. Where do I stand with my Century skills?

3. Which internal positions and vacancies suit me?

4. What do I need to develop my talents and skills?

5. What are the internal career steps that suit me best?

For the employer

Insight into the talents and skills helps you to put together teams and to develop your employees sustainably. With the Skillpas, HR can quickly search for employees based on skills and skills employees. In this way, as HR, you work together with the employees on personal career development and on organizational development.

The Skillpas supports employers in:

6. Internal mobility

7. Individual Talent Development

8. Contribute to existing skills and competences

9. Talent management programs

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