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Contact center AI platform delivering human-like conversations in customer service.

Parloa creates life-like automated customer service conversations by combining the most advanced AI components on the market with proprietary technology. Its unrivaled user interface is complemented by the latest Microsoft Cognitive Services to deliver the best possible AI experience for contact centers.

Parloa is revolutionizing customer service by making great conversations the new contact center standard. With an advanced, yet intuitive contact center AI platform, Parloa helps enterprises harness the power of artificial intelligence to automate customer service across all relevant channels.

Parloa’s award-winning contact center AI platform is trusted by global organizations across multiple industries, including ERGO, Decathlon, Swiss Life, HSE, Thalia and many more.

With superior voice quality at the heart of Parloa's approach, the conversation between customer and company becomes an outstanding experience.

The end-to-end infrastructure is specifically designed to control the entire audio stream, tuning AI components in real time to deliver unrivaled quality in telephony.

Parloa's platform architecture uses the best AI components available on the market and combines them with its proprietary technology. In addition to sophisticated Speech-to-Text (STT), Text-to-Speech (TTS) and NLU components, Large Language Models (LLMs) are already fully integrated into the Parloa technology, making it innovative and sustainable for forward-thinking contact centers.

Parloa has created one of the most user-friendly interfaces that allows agents with little or no technical knowledge to use AI technologies to create, manage and optimize dialogues based on training data. This way, the most advanced conversational AI technologies can become an integral part of any contact center worldwide.

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