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Aquasuite BURST uses Advanced Analytics to provide actionable insights on drinking water networks

Avoid Serious Water Losses

Aquasuite®  BURST, our water leakage monitoring system, detects and localises even the smallest bursts and maps the condition of underground pipe

Respond Quickly to Leaks and Bursts

Even the smallest bursts are detected and localised at an early stage. Therefore, your operational team can respond quickly and reduce costs effectively to save water resources, costs and energy. Above that, performance can be managed proactively through predictive maintenance.

Understand your underground assets

Predictive maintenance schedules of your assets help you to avoid potential emergencies, and prioritise repair and replacement projects. Aquasuite BURST monitors the number of burst and leak events. Firstly, this helps you to understand the condition of your underground pipes. Secondly, it determines the cause of failures and develops ways to prevent future breakdowns. Thirdly, and most importantly, it helps you to make technically comprehensive judgments regarding asset management, as pipe condition is not always linked to age.

How does it Work?

Aquasuite® BURST uses Aquasuite’s highly accurate self-learning prediction of demand, flow & pressure to identify when leaks & bursts occur within the water supply network. 

Once identified leaks & bursts are localised enabling reduced time to repair. BURST makes use of Aquasuite’s proven prediction of flow, pressure & demand. The prediction is allocated to nodes within the network and compared with real-time data to highlight anomalies and identity leaks. BURST Alert learns the variance at each node and uses this to develop a very accurate alarm threshold variance for each node. The real-time flow is compared instantaneously to the nodal prediction and to a rolling summation of flow to identify smaller leaks & bursts. 

Benefits of Aquasuite® BURST 

  • Self-learning automated detection of leaks and bursts 
  • Insightful interface
  • Reduced time to repair 
  • Reduced leakage volume 
  • Improved customer service Improved resilience 

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