Origami Intranet Template

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Beautiful, website-like SharePoint Intranet

Beautiful, website-like SharePoint intranet

Pre-built intranet that feels like it's been made just for you.

Enable Authentic Communication

With Origami’s built-in communication and engagement tools you can instantly broadcast company & department news, events, and alerts. Origami encourages collaboration and engagement with advanced social intranet tools that encourage employee retention and help shape your organizational culture while simultaneously empowering staff.

Build beautiful Sites and Pages in minutes

Origami’s intuitive user interface and beautiful pre-built templates enable content authors to quickly create additional sites in minutes!

With pre-built templates you can instantly create:

  • Departments sites
  • Campaign sites
  • Resource sites
  • Events Registrations
  • Project Workspaces

Support Your Staff with Origami’s Tools & Services

Instantly enable a full set of employee services with Origami, including:

  • Policies and Procedures Finder
  • New Hire & Employee Onboarding Site
  • Idea and Feedback Crowdsourcing
  • Employee Bulletin Board
  • Powerful Intranet Search
  • Employee Recognition Tools
  • Forms & Templates Finder
  • Engaging Employee Directory

Connect Your People & Break Down Silos

Help teams to easily connect, find project sites, coworkers, expertise and skills. Origami brings a wealth of directory tools to locate people and knowledge within your organization. Origami’s people directory includes predictive search and engaging profile features plus, it’s fully integrated with Office 365 for hassle-free automatic profile updates.

Navigate and organize knowledge locked in your sites with:

  • Personalized sites directory
  • Instant site search
  • Personalized Site favorites
  • Simplified in-site navigation

Support you can rely on

Origami is backed by:

  • Regular updates & new functionality releases
  • Built on the lighting fast technologies of SharePoint modern, ReactJS an
  • Reliable Intranet Support

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