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OPTUMERA™: AI Powered Strategic Intelligence Platform


TCS Optumera™, an AI-powered strategic intelligence platform, enables retailers to make value-chain optimized merchandising decisions by making key business processes intelligent and autonomous. It infuses the power of AI into the art of merchandising, enabling an integrated and holistic approach to making strategic decisions.

By turning data into a competitive resource, TCS Optumera helps retailers deliver hyper-localized omnichannel experiences, reposition themselves in the market with differentiated customer value propositions, and de-risk expensive investments. TCS Optumera analyzes 1000+ sales influencing parameters such as local events, competition, weather, price, demand, demographics, affinities, shopping behavior, cost-to-serve, and inventory, in addition to traditional parameters such as past performance. The power of AI complements the intuition and creativity of business users, empowering them to simulate multiple scenarios, and make smarter and faster decisions.

TCS Optumera is a fit-for-purpose solution that empowers retailers to leverage its comprehensive ecosystem of solutions, business use cases, algorithms, microservices, and accelerators to drive business growth and transformation.


Built on a composable architecture, TCS Optumera has solutions across merchandising functions that are feature rich, scalable, and highly adaptive to business dynamics:

TCS Optumera™ Macro Space Optimization: Make smart space decisions for new products and initiatives, execute store remodels at scale, and right-size store space by considering tradeoffs between assortment, price, supply chain, and execution cost.

TCS Optumera™ Unified Price, Promotion, and Markdown Optimization: Build and improve price perception, and drive market share and profitability by strategizing every aspect of pricing throughout the product life cycle.

TCS Optumera™ Omnichannel Assortment Optimization: Curate profitable and shopper-centric assortments for retail segments such as grocery, fashion, and specialty by striking a balance between variety and availability and aligning assortments with space and demand profiles.

TCS Optumera is part of the TCS Algo Retail™ suite of platforms and solutions.


Higher growth: Drive 3-5% increase in sales and margin by optimizing product mix, right sizing space, and pricing competitively.

Better price perception: Protect brand positioning through strategic, responsive, and pre-emptive pricing.

Shorter time-to-market: Drive 30-50% efficiency in business processes and execute 5X strategies.

Higher availability: Achieve 1-2% higher availability while avoiding stockouts and overstocking.

Faster business value realization: Realize faster value delivery right from 8-10 weeks of program initiation.

Higher ROI: Make the most out of your investments with scenario simulations, strategy enhancements, and better and faster business decisions.

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