ToolsGroup Service Optimizer 99+ (SO99+)

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Service-Driven Supply Chain Planning Software

Do you need to improve product availability while right-sizing inventory? 

Today it’s mandatory to address complex supply chain challenges like intermittent demand, poor forecast accuracy, out-of-stock and lost sales, or inventory out of line with financial targets. 

The supply chain is the key to remaining competitive

Your customers deserve a better experience! ToolsGroup SO99+, enabled for Microsoft Cloud for Retail and Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, automates and optimizes supply chain planning tasks to guarantee product availability. With ToolsGroup SO99+ you can

  • Improve your forecast accuracy
  • Optimize your inventory
  • Maximize profitability and flow-through with localized product assortments
  • Allocate inventory to the optimal stores and sales channels
  • Prevent lost sales, minimize costs, and maximize efficiency with automatic replenishment
  • Plan promotions that attract new and existing customers while increasing revenues and reducing marketing costs
  • Create a retail pricing strategy that drives profitability and customer satisfaction
  • Improve collaboration across teams

ToolsGroup SO99+ on Microsoft Cloud for Retail and Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing solves these problems with powerful demand analytics and self-learning machine learning technology calculating optimal service mix across products to maximize product availability and minimize inventory.

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