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Start building VR experiences and Immersive learning courses for your customers

Uptale Benefits

Building VR experiences and Immersive learning courses for your customers

Join our Uptale Creators Community and enjoy these benefits:

  • Online Immersive Learning: Digitize learning materials in VR to experience it on any device and at any time
  • “On-the-job” Simulations: Immersive VR learning experiences improves learner information retention and triggers memories due to the experience of seeing it in a simulated real-world experience
  • Learning Mobility & Versatility: Distribute and share consistent learning experiences to any online device (smartphone, VR headsets, tablets, laptops) allowing students to revisit VR learning experiences
  • Translate & Distribute: Save time by effortlessly translating your experience and sharing training content and VR experiences in 25+ languages

Uptale Features

  • VR Experience Builder: Create immersive experiences from 360° videos and photos by adding 50+ types of interactions and cognitive services. No technical knowledge required
  • Learner Analytics Dashboards: Track your student's progress or specific learner insights in detail with Uptale dashboards and connect it to your Learning Management System.
  • Voice analytics: Provide learners with a true immersive experience and receive instant feedback on soft-skills

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