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Bring your employees and stakeholders together for collaboration and innovation.

Capture and evolve ideas with the No.1 software for Flexible Idea Management

Private and Public Organisations uses Wide Ideas to bring together their employees and stakeholders for collaboration and innovation.

Wide Ideas allows you to collect problems, needs, challenges, improvements and solutions. Categorised and organised. Very user friendly and always available. The goal for our customers is to solve challenges together, both small and large, and at the same time build an innovative culture where employees feel seen and heard.

Start using Wide Ideas

With Wide Ideas you can work with workshops, specific challenges, open idea boxes and time-limited campaigns, regardless of whether you want to use Wide Ideas continuously or for a limited period.

We want you to succeed! All the way

It’s not just about getting started. There are many other pieces that need to find its place as well.

Who should recive the ideas? How shall we evaluate the ideas? How should we follow up implemented ideas? How should we launch the platform internally and how should we ensure that this work becomes a natural part of every employee’s everyday life? We have a well-developed and highly valued onboarding program for new customers that answers all those questions and many more. The onboarding program is included and free of charge.

The best source of innovation is your employees!

Technical Data

· Built on Microsoft 365 (Azure AD)

· True Multi-Tennant SaaS application

· SSO Enabled

· Microsoft Teams app available

· Integrated with Microsoft Graph API

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