Worklio s.r.o.

Worklio™ is a powerful payroll software and HRIS purpose-built for PEOs, ASOs and Staffing Firms.

Worklio is a comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) solution for the PEO/ASO/Staffing/Payroll Only industry. The Worklio Platform connects the overall organization, its clients and their worksite employees to create streamlined processes for Payroll, Human Resources, Workers' Compensation, Benefits, Billing, Job Costing, General Ledger and Accounting Integration, Customized Reporting, Analytics and Intelligence, Electronic Onboarding, and Mobile Applications. Everything shares one secure database.

The Software-as-a-Service platform is purpose-built with the latest Microsoft® .Net and MS SQL 2017 technology, designed and optimized for the Microsoft® Cloud and available 24 x 7 across all devices. Complex functions are simplified with step-by-step instructions and customization allows for streamlining daily tasks. The design is intuitive and user-friendly to help customers handle the daily challenges of the PEO industry.

Customization allows for streamlining daily tasks. Customer Support is always available and professional. The system is flexible, allowing it to be configured to any type of client, business or organization.

There are three entry points to access the data: the PEO Interface provides central control for the entire system; the Client Interface is specific to a single company; and the Employee Interface is a personal dashboard for the client-company employees. The internal structure of the Worklio Platform has four basic levels that work together as one, with data shared throughout. The interfaces are how the customers access the data; the different levels, which are not necessarily equivalent to the interfaces, organize the data.

The Master Level (PEO Interface) - The Master Level allows overall control of the platform, providing access to establish settings that apply throughout the entire system. For example, an administrator can establish a Benefits preset that applies for all clients and employees within the system.

The Client Level (Client Interface) - Information for specific clients is maintained on this level, with access from the Master Level. Each client is customized to their unique requirements.

The Division Level (Client Interface) - Divisions allow a client to split functions between two or more different areas in order to more efficiently handle their business interests. This level contains only settings; default values are inherited from the client settings, with the possibility for adjustments.

The Employee Level (Employee Interface) - The Employee Level is where information about employees in a specific client is stored, with access from the Master Level and the Client Level.

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