CRM for Manufacturing - 2H Workshop


Ideate together with 9altitudes' experts a Customer Engagement platform for your Manufacturing company. We will envision you a future-proof business solution based on Industry Best Practices.

During a 2-hours workshop we will ideate together about the different challenges your company is facing.

9altitudes has tackled different challenges such as:

  • Do you have a decentralized & inefficient Customer Engagement platform?
  • Do you need up-to-date customer insights & reporting?
  • Are your Marketing, Sales & Customer service not aligned?
  • Do you have a 360 degree view on your customer through mobile access?
  • Do you need an integration with ERP or other applications?
  • Do you have challenges with Customer retention?

Based on 9altitudes’ use-cases we will envision you a future-proof business solution. Elaborating further on the Dynamics 365 platform and capabilities of each application.

Our specialist are ready to envision a future proof Customer Engagement platform, based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Marketing ander other applications. 9altitudes is expert and keeps focusing on helping organizations with aligning Sales, Marketing, Field & Customer Service with one centralized Cloud platform.


  • Determine fit with Dynamics 365 platform
  • Determine Business Benefits & Outcomes
  • Prioritization of opportunities

9altitudes & Microsoft Catalyst

  • Inspire: Imagine a future state solution for your business
  • Design
  • Empower
  • Achieve

About 9altitudes - 2021 Inner Circle Award

A European consulting group that consolidates local organizations in Belgium (Ad Ultima Group, Admiral Dynamics), The Netherlands (Pylades, Cayentis), France (Ad Ultima France), Denmark (Optimate, Bredana Solutions) and Slovenia (Innito).