MITRE ATT&CK® MasterClass: 2-Hour Workshop

Ascent Global, Inc.

Ascent’s MITRE ATT&CK® MasterClass is focused on educating companies on ransomware threats specifically relevant to their environment.

By utilizing the MITRE ATT&CK® framework, Ascent can quickly assess a company’s coverage and gaps against known tactics and techniques. You will also learn how to better leverage Sentinel and Defender for Endpoint to reduce alert fatigue and avoid unnecessary investments in other security products.

MITRE ATT&CK® MasterClass Agenda and Deliverables: ■ Overview of known Ransomware threats relevant to your specific environment
■ Intro to tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP’s) of active ransomware criminals ■ Visualization of known threats on a MITRE ATT&CK® heatmap ■ Prioritization of your current defensive efforts ■ Mapping defensive efforts to Azure Sentinel’s capability and Ascent’s Managed SOC methodology

Products driven within Microsoft365 E5 Security: ■ Azure ■ Azure Active Directory ■ Azure Active Directory Multifactor Authentication ■ Azure Active Directory Conditional Access ■ Azure Active Directory Identity Protection ■ Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 1 and 2 ■ Azure Active Directory Application Proxy ■ Azure Security ■ Azure Networking ■ Azure Security Center ■ Azure Purview ■ Microsoft Sentinel ■ Office 365 Data Loss Prevention ■ Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention ■ Microsoft Information Protection ■ Microsoft Endpoint Manager ■ Microsoft Defender ■ Microsoft Defender for Office 365 ■ Microsoft Defender for Endpoint ■ Microsoft Defender for Identity ■ Microsoft Defender for IoT ■ Microsoft Defender for Cloud ■ Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps ■ Secure Score ■ Compliance Manager