Security Outcomes Sprint

Ascent Global, Inc.

Understand the Business Value of Your Cybersecurity Investments

Most businesses still view cybersecurity investments as a cost center instead of a business value driver. Risk reduction alone is no longer sufficient to justify new security investments. We believe the best approach to recession planning or pitching your annual budget to your executives is simple: speak their language. Communicate your proposed investment through a jargon-free level of rationale.

Ascent’s Security Outcomes Sprint is a complimentary 2-session engagement, prioritizing cybersecurity initiatives to your business’s greatest potential outcome. Ascent Solutions’ Security Outcomes Sprint elevates the business case for security investments by aligning them to: ■ Productivity efficiencies ■ Operational efficiencies ■ Reductions in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) ■ Potential revenue losses from business continuity gaps ■ Revenue directed away from growth and profit toward patching brand reputation or fraud damage

SESSION 1 (2.5 hours) Background ■ What your peers are doing and why ■ Why tie business outcomes to cyber investments ■ The case for platform economization

Real-World Examples

How to Measure Success ■ People ■ Process ■ Technology

Discovery ■ Project Backlog Review ■ Define Success ■ Breakout Activity

SESSION 2 (1 hour) Readout ■ Analysis and Priority Recommendations

Ascent's Security Outcomes Sprint will provide customers with tips and tricks for platform consolidation through competitive displacements, increased consumption of the Microsoft products they own, and/or Microsoft product investments.

Products driven within Microsoft365 E5 Security: ■ Azure ■ Microsoft Sentinel ■ Office 365 Data Loss Prevention ■ Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention ■ Microsoft Information Protection ■ Microsoft Endpoint Manager ■ Microsoft Defender ■ Microsoft Defender for Office 365 ■ Microsoft Defender for Endpoint ■ Microsoft Defender for Identity ■ Microsoft Defender for IoT ■ Microsoft Defender for Cloud ■ Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps ■ Secure Score ■ Compliance Manager ■ Azure Active Directory ■ Azure Active Directory Multifactor Authentication ■ Azure Active Directory Conditional Access ■ Azure Active Directory Identity Protection ■ Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 1 and 2 ■ Azure Active Directory Application Proxy ■ Azure Security ■ Azure Networking ■ Azure Security Center ■ Azure Purview