Security Assessment: 2-Wk Assessment

Ascent Global, Inc.

Ascent will evaluate your security capabilities across Strategy and Governance, Identity, Infrastructure Protection, Data Protection, and Operations, and shape a long-term Microsoft security strategy

Firms know they need to modernize their suite of security technology to protect their organization from ever-increasing cyber risk. With the best intentions, businesses purchase tools and platforms they believe will do exactly that. However, few organizations have the right strategy to operate and optimize those investments. Mapped against the industry-leading MITRE ATT&CK framework, Ascent’s Security Assessment produces a holistic technology strategy and implementation roadmap, ensuring data protection, identity safety, and threat mitigation.

Ascent’s comprehensive discovery process identifies key imperatives across five critical security capabilities. The resulting roadmap prioritizes by risk priority and the current maturity of the firm’s existing solutions. An in-depth review of an organization’s strategic cybersecurity goals and compliance landscape gives business management simple, actionable implementation plans. The Security Assessment will include evaluation and implementation guidance for Microsoft 365 EM+S E3/E5 and Azure Security.

Capabilities Analyzed ■ Strategy, Governance, Risk, and Compliance ■ Identity Security ■ Data Protection ■ Infrastructure Security ■ Cyber Operations

Deliverables ■ A multi-year security roadmap with detailed dependencies and potential key decisions. ■ Documented resource support requirements estimated in time, consultants, and technologies. ■ Detailed stakeholder roles and responsibilities.

Workloads Driven for the Microsoft Field ■ E5 ■ ACR ■ AAD ■ MEM ■ Defender ■ Sentinel