Capgemini EaaS: 1 hour Briefing

Capgemini Group

By moving away from one and done sales, Capgemini integrates everything from equipment rental to providing comprehensive services and maintenance allowing manufacturers to fully support their customer

Capgemini’s EaaS offering utilizes Dynamics 365 Field Service, Azure IoT as well as Dynamics Remote Assist to provide a complete set of functionality to assist your Equipment as a Service Model.

• Customer self-service Portal o External facing portal for customers to allow for order creation, selecting products and checkout functionality o Provide access to knowledgebase articles o Create service requests for enquiries and complaints • Integrate IoT for predictive maintenance o Get instant notifications and alerts about device health to automate the service-request generation process using predefined rules o Send command to the customer’s device o Predict when a device needs attention and automate self-healing or maintenance steps before any kind of problem • Smart Resource Scheduling and routing o Reduce manual scheduling efforts with automated scheduling optimization o Optimize resource assignment based on customer preferred technician, skillsets required, parts availability and location proximity o Predict travel time and work duration o Communicate proactively by providing your customers with real-time technician location tracking • Mobile tools and offline support o View and update bookings / calendar o Track hours and submit time off o Update work order details o Attach pictures of completed work o Mobile enabled inspection templates • Provide remote assistance to technicians o Collaborate remotely by sharing your real-time view with collaborators to get the help you need from anywhere on HoloLens, iOS or Android devices. o Place virtual documents such as PDF or JPG directly into the real-world with HoloLens or share in chat on Mobile o Expand mixed reality access to customers without a license

The 1 hour briefing will include:

  1. An overview of solution components
  2. Demo of the solution in Capgemini’s environment
  3. Q&A
  4. Discussion on next steps