Evolve your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution: 2-Day workshop

Columbus Global

Learn how to fully leverage your Dynamics 365 Platform & work with continuous improvements to support your business goals

The offer

Columbus offers a workshop for businesses that have implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management solutions to help them:

  • Fully leverage the current solution and explore and exploit untapped opportunities and functionality within the implemented technology
  • Work with continuous improvements and grow further capabilities of the solution by reviewing the business priorities and defining areas and changes that will bring more value to the company
  • Facts in short

    The workshop can be delivered globally: remotely, on-site or hybrid using online workshop and whiteboard tools. It includes a series of preparation activities, a minimum of two half-day workshops and a series of follow-up meetings. The process requires the involvement of key stakeholders within your business, such as C-suite, directors and other senior executives, subject matter experts and system end users. Note that participants don't need to have IT knowledge to be a part of the workshop. On the contrary, understanding of your current processes, operational activities and future requirements matters the most. For better results and ongoing business value, we recommend conducting the exercise quarterly or half-yearly.

    Workshop in details

    Stage 1.Understanding your needs: A call prior to the workshop to customize it for your business specifics;

    Stage 2. Strategy & Discovery: Analysis of the business strategy, stakeholders’ priorities, operational solution, usage, current journey maps, a backlog of initiatives, etc

    Stage 3. Optimization & Prioritization: Minimum of two half-day Workshops with key business stakeholders, Envisioning the value & priorities, discussing capabilities to successfully deliver;

    Stage 4. Co-create Solutions & Value Mapping: Review Backlog, Collate & Prioritize ideas;

    Stage 5. The result, Plan & Playback: Delivery proposal, expected outcomes & recommendations.

    Based on your current state, joint discussions and industry best practices, you get a proposal with recommended next steps and enhancements (in terms of strategy, technology, value, risk, governance, business processes, data, business transformation and change leadership & management)

    Why Invest Time and Efforts?

    Go-live isn’t an end state, it’s a new beginning.

    As your business grows and changes, you need to manage and adapt your solutions to support your goals. While technology has great potential to improve the ways you do business, it's important to know what's possible and how to best utilize and optimize it to achieve your desired outcomes.

    We help to find answers to the following questions:

  • How do I get an overview of all the options Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions provide for continuously improving business development? What other options currently exist? How do we make the most of them?
  • What are the implications of the new options for our business, our processes and our organization?
  • How to prioritize and execute these opportunities to generate more business value?
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