Automated Testing: 2-hour briefing

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Learn how to reduce risk, lower costs and boost productivity with automated testing of Dynamics 365

Why do your high-performance applications need automated testing?

With the rapid digital transformation, your customers’ demands are also evolving at a fast rate. To respond to them, you must be able to derive meaningful insights from the data generated by your key functions, and you need to make sure that the quality of your business applications is second to none. Continuous testing of your applications and systems can ensure successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations/Supply Chain Management implementation, enabling you to identify and fix flaws while ensuring quality reporting-based decision making.

If you select automated testing for your software applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations/Supply Chain Management, it will help you:

  • Save time and money: Automated testing not only reduces the processing time but also decreases the costs incurred.
  • Increase testing accuracy: Automated test brings precision and efficiency to repetitive testing activities, while also giving your manual testing experts more time to spend on more complex and productive tasks.
  • Extend your test coverage: With automated testing you can expand the playing field and carry out multiple tests, increasing the length and depth of testing to enhance the software quality.
  • Enable stress testing: Automated testing can create simulations of a heavy workload, so you can determine your application performance in peak or busy seasons when the workload is more than usual.
  • Briefing in details

    Sign up for a two-hour briefing where our automated testing experts will walk you through anything you need to know about automated testing. We will cover:
    • Key features: Automation testing and how to strategize for ERP journey
    • Expertise areas: Approach, best practices, and plan for automation
    • Testing tools: Suggestions on tools for your solution and technology landscape
    • Test automation process: How to build and operate
    • Next steps

    *** The two-hour briefing is free of charge. The final pricing and timeframe, if the company decides to engage further than the 2 hour briefing, will be on custom terms.