SBC Health Check


It's crucial for companies to recognize the importance of maintaining their communication systems and investing in services such as SBC Health Check to ensure their long-term success.

Most companies, after implementing SBC to integrate various VOIP platforms such as Microsoft Teams Phone System, local IP-PBX, cloud or on-premise contact centers, focus on administration tasks related to these services. Often due to lack of time or IT staff shortages, tasks related to configuration changes or maintaining configuration at the right efficient and secure level are neglected. A periodic review of the SBC configuration for its security, correctness, and performance can be crucial in early detection of abnormalities that can lead to later outages and service disruptions. The SBC Health Check service offered is not limited only to SBC devices (virtual and physical). To meet the growing share of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing in the SIP/PSTN market, we have prepared a package that also includes health check for the Teams Phone System environment.

Sample industries and sectors where such a service may be useful include:

• Corporations and medium-sized enterprises that use the Microsoft Teams platform for internal and external communication. • Telecommunications service providers that offer VoIP, SIP Trunking, and voice communication solutions based on the Teams platform. • Companies and public institutions that offer remote services and use the Microsoft Teams platform as a tool for remote work and communication with clients and business partners. • System integrators and IT service providers who offer services in the implementation and integration of the Microsoft Teams platform and telecommunications solutions. All of these companies and institutions can benefit from the Teams SIP SBC Health check service to ensure that their configuration is optimal and provides high-quality voice and video connections on the Teams platform.