App in a Day: 1-Day Workshop

Newwave Telecom and Technologies, Inc.

This accelerated engagement will help the team to learn how to rapidly design business apps with PowerApps and Power Automate.

This virtual 1-Day workshop is designed for Business & IT Analysts. This workshop covers the basics of Microsoft PowerApps with specific use cases and lab exercises. Participants will get hands-on experience working with PowerApps and will also be building a sample application. Our end goal is to help companies further accelerate their digital transformation journey using low-code-no-code platforms like Power Apps


  1. Explore the features of Power Apps.
  2. Evaluate PowerApps’ ability to meet organizational requirements around designing modern business applications.
  3. Discuss the licensing structure of Power Apps.
  4. Connect an App to a data source and explore connectors.
  5. Develop a Strategy to adopt a center of excellence by adhering to governance best practices.
  6. Analyze different forms of PowerApps (Canvas Apps, Model-Driven Apps, Common Data Services (CDS) and Power App Portal)
  7. Create a Power Apps form.

Lab: Design a fully functional Over Time (OT) Approval Form using Power Apps and leverage Microsoft Power Automate for process business process automation.

  1. Publish Power Apps to Sharepoint Online Data source.
  2. Share Apps inside an organization securely.
  3. Introduction to Power Automate.

The pricing for the offering depends on the number of employees attending the workshop.

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