Private PowerApps and Flow Class: 4-Day Workshop


This is a live online Microsoft PowerApps and Flow class delivered privately for your organization. Course content can be tailored to your organization's needs.

This class is focused on helping you take your team's fragmented PowerApps and Flow skills and transforming them to solid skills.

You know your business processes inside and out, let us help you do the same with PowerApps and Flow.

The course is designed and taught by Microsoft Business Applications MVP Shane Young. Shane has created and taught technology training courses all over the world. He also has an industry-leading YouTube channel with over 1.2 million views and counting. He even spent some time as a college professor, so you know you will not find a better person to help you learn.

The four-day course is taught LIVE via an interactive, online platform where you can fully participate. The class is typically scheduled in two – one and a half hour training blocks per day plus a hands on lab you can do on your own. We can adjust the schedule if needed to fit your organization. A printed manual of the class will be provided.

Using a time sheet app as our scenario we will walk through the following topics:


  • Module 1 – Starting with a blank canvas​
  • Module 2 – Galleries and data sources​
  • Module 3 – Forms
  • Module 4 – Controls and inputs
  • Module 5 – Variables and collections
  • Module 6 – Time to make it Flow
  • Module 7 – Flow approvals
  • Module 8 – PowerApps and Flow with SharePoint
  • Module 9 – SQL as a data source
  • Module 10 – How to decide what tool to use when they overlap
  • Module 11 – Going mobile
  • Module 12 – Using Ifs in PowerApps and Flow for conditional formatting
  • Module 13 – Flow expressions and APIs for people who don't write code
  • Module 14 – PowerApps Patch, Filter, LookUp, Search, and more
  • Module 15 – Sending emails with PowerApps and Flow
  • Module 16 – Saving, sharing, and publishing

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