Asset Leasing Consultation:1-Hour Assessment

RSM Product Sales LLC

ASC 842 creates heavy compliance burdens and accounting challenges that lean accounting departments often struggle to handle. RSM helps companies understand, prepare for and implement ASC 842.

The new ASC 842 lease accounting standard brings a wide range of implications to almost all organizations and will require most operating leases to be reflected on the balance sheet—which by itself, is a sizeable task. The data and systems challenges ASC842 will bring to companies are significant and, without adequate planning and preparation, may be overwhelming. Understanding your company’s requirements and having a roadmap to successfully implement the new standard is critical to success.

RSM has assembled an integrated team comprised of members specializing in technical accounting and technology to assist companies in implementing ASC 842 who will meet with companies for an advisory discussion.

By the close of the 1-hour free consultation, companies will have an understanding of the following:

  • Key requirements and if addressed by Dynamics 365 Finance Asset Leasing module
  • Critical next steps
  • Implementation roadmap timeline and approach
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