Process Mining Accelerator -- 6 Week Implementation

Sparkhound LLC

Leverage Sparkhound to identify bottlenecks in process, map an problem issue via Process Mining, and build a flow in Power Automate to remediate any issues.

Organizations often attempt to fix perceived issues before realizing the root cause or seeing the potential business value in process improvement. With Power Platform’s low-code technologies, and newly released Power Automate Process Mining, Sparkhound utilizes a proven methodology to establish current vs desired future state processes in conjunction with business objectives. Process Mining then provides a granular view of actual operations and opportunities for automation, enabling a fine-tuned solution geared towards business value.

If you are facing any of these challenges, then Process Mining may be for you:

  • You are looking to verify your processes
  • You are interested in process automation but have trouble seeing the value for the expense
  • You need guidance aligning new processes and automation with best practices
  • You are an organization that is looking to replace homegrown or clunky software

With Sparkhound's Process Mining Accelerator, our methodology is proven to help you establish a foundation and teach your team how this can be leveraged for other sore spots within your organization. We have 20+ years experience in process consulting, and have been implementing Power Platform solutions since they first were introduced. Now that Process Mining has been introduced in Power Automate premium it is the best of both worlds.

The Process Mining Accelerator is a 6-8 week engagement that consists of:

  • 2 weeks Envisioning. Analyze and Assess your as-is process flows and map SOPs, with process mining recordings captured.
  • 2-3 weeks POC. Evaluate recordings against SOPs, solution design and build a POC with internal stakeholders.
  • 2 week implementation. Execute a process via a Power Automate flow in production, and develop an iterative plan for scaling automation.