TCS Offering - Elevate SAP with Microsoft Power Platform - A 6 Week Discovery Workshop with POC and Roadmap

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TCS is excited to introduce an intensive 6-week workshop, designed to showcase the significant impact of Microsoft Power Platform in enhancing your SAP processes.

SAP serves as a crucial building block for many organizations. From sales initiation to financial tallying, on the shop floor to the retail door – the platform plays a pivotal role in bringing clarity & optimality to complex operations.

Given the importance and sensitivity of the data stored within the SAP platform, it’s natural for organizations to restrict usage to a select group of individuals. However, today’s business landscape is characterized by the need for democratization and agility, which translates to providing frontline employees with the tools to capture data quickly. The Microsoft Power Platform is well positioned to fulfill this need.

Let TCS help you vision a renewed SAP & Microsoft Power Platform journey, with their combined forces making your core platform more accessible to your employees than ever before. Our deep expertise in SAP, security modelling, industry knowledge & Microsoft Power Platform architecture would enable you to create experiences to stay ahead of the curve.

Get a glimpse of the first SAP extensions we have created inhouse with many more in the making:

  • Inquiry Creation
  • Quotation Creation
  • Sales Order Creation

And create your own unique interface & parameterized customizations based on your requirements.

The TCS SAP & Microsoft Power Platform consulting engagement provides a structured approach to your democratization journey:

  1. Selection - Identify the span of user stories involving the isolated process & target 1 process
  2. Design - Create the architecture flow & sign-off functionality for target process
  3. Build & Deploy - ‘App’ package the process extensions / automation
  4. Future Roadmap - Provide transformation roadmap & architecture overview for all user stories in the isolated SAP sub-processes

The 6-week engagement attempts to bring to light the key processes of impact when scaled to the larger employee base.

Key Benefits:

Efficiency Gains:
Streamlines operations, reduce manual tasks, and automates processes leading to substantial efficiency gains.

Rapid ROI: The integration of Microsoft Power Platform can result in cost savings and productivity improvements, yielding a rapid return on investment.

Accessible & Collaborative:
Extend your SAP platform and make it collaborative & available to people who are crucial in the operational chain of processes.

Agile Adaption:
Rapid development & iteration models to achieve building ‘rich, adaptive & customized’ applications

Analytics, Insights & Actions:
Enhance your decision analysis & decision making with real-time & interactive dashboards with Microsoft Power BI

Spreading beyond:
Power and open your own SAP functionalities to spread beyond its defined borders to leverage the collaborative powers of Office 365, RPA possibilities with Microsoft Power Automate Desktop, Chatbot derivatives with Microsoft Power Virtual agents and the unmatched span of Microsoft Azure services.

The Microsoft low code platform taking the front stage with the robust SAP logic models at the back is the perfect combination that helps expand the SAP footprint to all the people it matters most. Reach out to TCS today to find out more about our SAP & Microsoft Power Platform engagements.