hrms human resource management system

UB Technology Innovations, Inc.

HRMS enables to manage employee info right from employee pre-boarding to the exit procedures

HRMS application significantly minimizes the manual efforts of various processes involved in employee probation, confirmation, performance appraisal, exit clearance and much more. Some of the user perspective features are:

Applicant: Virtual onboarding being an inevitable process in pursuit of recording the complete history of an applicant, made simplified using this HRMS application.

IT admin: Helps to hand in the required hardware and software assets on authorization and to manage the VED(Vital/Essential/Desirable) assets with simplified processes.

HR professionals: The end-to-end HR functions are made flexible, with defined document verification procedures and checklist with mandatory fields. HR personnel can create a new profile to digitally review and approve the employee details. HRMS helps in adjoining the required as well as secondary information in a digital directory. Notifications and email triggers can be set for alerts in different process like onboarding, probation, resignation, termination, Group medical policy (GMP), increment, appraisal forms etc.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy and user-friendly interface for data entry and Integrated with their existing portal and Database connectivity
  • Self-help & FAQs for applicants
  • Unlimited document storage for applicants with defined checklist of mandatory documents
  • Asset allocation and tracking – asset tag ID generation, inventory maintenance and recording asset history
  • Role-based access ensuring security and data confidentiality
  • Automatic email notifications whenever appropriate action is done – employee on-boarding details intimation, employee details submission, HR approval/rejection, resignation/termination LWD request, probation confirmation, appraisal, handover of assets before exit etc
  • Analytical reporting – employee face-sheet, employee analysis based on location, designation, qualification, skills, status, attrition, asset, probation, Group Medical Policy(GMP), Back Ground Verification(BGV) and appraisal Appraisal, confirmation letter generations with the digital signature