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Setup ,manage and automate Inspection processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

VLC Inspection Management is an end-to-end Inspection Management System, on the fly in nature and flexible in setup and usage. Lower costs, develop / receive quality products, optimize processes, and sustain quality and compliance both within and across your entire manufacturing and supply chain.

With Inspection Management, companies will not have to depend on the external systems, excel sheets etc. to manage their quality process. Choose the right vendor to buy from based on vendor rating from the History data.

Easy setup of Parameters for Inspection, Skip Lot Rules , variable sample Quantities, Vendor Ratings ,flexible Rule setup for automated Acceptance of Items based on Vendor Item History. 

VLC Inspection Management, key features are..

  • Use sampling and skip logic rules to reduce sampling time and Inspection quantity based on history
  • Use historical vendor quality data to select appropriate supplier for specific items
  • Automatically creates Purchase Returns for the rejected items back to the vendor
  • Automatic inspection list generation at the receiving point.
  • Test and setup vendor samples, reject unapproved vendor samples
  • Facility to inspector to inspect from inspection list
  • Creates material rejection notice (MRN) for rejected items and related approval work flow.
  • Dynamic Email Notification.
  • Automated warehouse processes from Put-Away to Inspection for required items.
  • Lot Control in Inspection
  • Reports to view the Statistics and Analysis Data

  • Supported Editions:

    This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

    Supported Countries:

    United States, Canada & Mexico.

    Supported Languages: 

    This app supports In-built English, Using Localization/translation you can use in other language.