Store opening management (SOM)

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SOM is Project management solution to control retail store opening procedure

Project management solution for  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation to control retail store opening procedure


SOM (Store Opening Management), which are based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, manages the project management processes in architectural and construction departments.

SOM, a project that started life as a store thought, was designed to keep track of all stages of project management in the process from store opening up to sales activities. According to the operational region areas on the store projects, a project based on the template job follow-up list can be used to create a person-based job list. This list contains estimated start and end dates. Job submissions are conveyed to responsible persons by e-mail notification. Person-based jobs can be queried. This job list has functions that trigger and control the process parametrically. Project, business and person based reports can be taken as a job follow up.

The main manufacturing codes and tender packages can be defined as region based on a discovery list system with infrequent codes. This code structure can be adjusted according to the level to be monitored. They can be used as templates in other store projects. This discovery list is different on each store project basis and can be reported. The list of discoveries can be defined in the system with or without price. Company informations may include. This list can be sent to companies who make architectural designs and can be made to work on the bill of quantities.

The tender processes can be operated through the discovery items transferred to the system. Bidders can be offered tender packages. Price quotations can be transferred to the system by requesting the excel files in the form determined by these companies. The comparison process can be done on a pose basis and a supplier can be selected. Contracts without bids can be made. Depending on the contracts, advances and interim payments can be made. These payments use vendor payments under the standard function of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Depending on the contracts, progress can be made. Progress can be made more than once on the basis of quantity. Workflows can be executed through progress payments. With the parametric definitions defined in the module, the resulting progress can be automatically converted to purchase order records in the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.