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Optimize your banking processes with the Bank Automation Suite

Companies create numerous orders and invoices every week. All bank account movements (incoming, outgoing, charges, etc.) must be manually taken from the account statements, cleared and, if necessary, reconciled with payment advice notes.For the employees of the financial accounting department, this means a high time expenditure which should not be underestimated. In addition, this clearing of open items is a monotonous and error-prone activity.

Relieve your financial Accounting employees with Inway Bank Automation Suite

The Bank Automation Suite finds account movements independently and reliably via key fields such as reason for payment, business incident codes, customer/supplier number, etc. The Bank Automation Suite is able to find account movements independently and reliably. This self-learning add-on saves you time, work and money.

Your Advantages

Import of account statements and data from payment service providers

  • Automatic finding and reconciliation of payments from bank account statements and open transactions
  • Support of all common bank account statements (MT940, CAMT.053, BAI2 etc.); including data from payment service providers such as Paypal and Amazon Pay
  • Import of PDF-Avise and automatic clearing against open items
  • OCR-based reading of payment advise and assigning the open transaction

Self learning and automated

  • Posting records are reliably recorded in the system with a hit rate of over 95%, e.g. using the reason for payment on the account statement
  • graphical representation of the hit rate for a quick overview

Quick to install and easy to handle

  • The Bank Automation Suite can be implemented on your system in just a few days without any major project effort and immediately reduces your manual clearing work
  • The Bank Automation Suite for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is update safe due to the simple installation in the form of an extension
  • For previous versions (AX 2009, AX 2012) the add-on was developed with minimal impact on standard objects and is available as a separate model

Flexible account assignment and recognition rules

  • Flexible recognition control system, which can be easily extended without development effort
  • Test run of recognition rules
  • Creation of master data (e.g. customer bank accounts) possible
  • Assignment of advance payments
  • Automatic correction of discounts or small differences within a definable percentage rate
  • Recurring postings or direct debit, such as rentals, are posted directly

Group requirements / Intercompany transactions

  • Import Bank Statements from Other Clients
  • Processing of several bank accounts of different clients in the group from one bank
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