Sonata's Commodity Sourcing and Trading Platform - CTRM

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Manage commodity Sourcing and Trading needs using Sonata's CTRM platform on Dynamics 365

Sonata's Commodity Trading platform combines powerful contract, logistics, and risk management capabilities with proven Microsoft Dynamics 365 enterprise resource planning, supply chain and financial management functions in a single integrated platform.

Key Features:

• Buy, sell, buy-to-sell and storage contracts; multi-company, multi-country, multi-currency

• Flexible pricing including and fixed and non-fixed options

• Powerful on cost accruals and allocations for cost roll up and matching

• Logistics planning with movement instructions, allocations and load management

• Flexible quality specifications including price and weight adjustments

• Allocation of planned deliveries to forecast demand for operations planning

• Trader limits and contract approval workflow

• Risk management and commodity hedging

• Provisional Invoice and prepayment options

Solution Benefits:

• Single integrated platform with Dynamics 365

• Improved visibility of supply and demand

• Improved efficiency of operations

• One solution for multiple commodities, multi-company, multi-currency

• Streamlining of internal processes and procedures

• Automatic tracking of all costs related with contracts

• Reduce risk through system controls and common single database.