SCRIM Workplace Health and Safety Management

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Modernise your health and safety management solution with SCRIM.

An intelligent, adaptable system that simplifies your workplace health and safety responsibilities

Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, SCRIM is cloud-based health and safety software solution that uses 40 integrated modules to streamline workplace health and safety procedures.

SCRIM allows you to capture incidents and hazards accurately and immediately when they occur, and provides you with real-time insights into the causes of incidents, and the corrective actions needed.

Available anywhere and on any device, SCRIM seamlessly connects with other Microsoft apps, to simplify your WHS management.

  • Choose from 40+ health & safety modules​ to build a solution fit for your needs
  • Easily spot trends with a selection of 160 customisable dashboards, charts and reports
  • Meet compliance requirements​
  • Use SCRIM any time, anywhere and on any device 
  • Seamlessly connect with other Microsoft & third party apps
  • Get your workforce started immediately - minimal training required​

Who Uses SCRIM?

SCRIM is used by companies of all sizes operating in high-risk industries, across APAC. Customers include industry leaders in freight and logistics, construction, utilities, forestry, and more. SCRIM enables companies to modernise their work health and safety management processes, and move away from outdated or paper based systems.  

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