Buildex CRM for Real Estate by Compusoft

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BuildEx CRM built on D365 ready to use solution for real estate business by Compusoft.

BUILDEX HELPS YOU DELIVER HIGH QUALITY CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES Delivering High Quality Customer Experience is actually providing answers to the customer’s problems just before he asks it. It first of all requires: empathy, understanding and appreciation of Customer’s concerns during the buying process. Second: It is translating this wisdom into a structured approach of “being” with the customer (or the prospect). But more importantly, it is bringing discipline to consistently follow this approach. Technology has been an answer to many enterprises : to manage scale and delivering a consistent customer experience. Buildex is a CRM solution that provides Ready-to-Use Best Practices to deliver High Quality Customer Experiences for Real Estate Companies. BuildEx also provides the technology that helps you deliver these experiences to a large scale of prospects and customers: consistently.