Hitachi Solutions Engage for Insurance

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Streamline and Optimize Your Operations with a Unified Solution Tailored for the Insurance Industry

Hitachi Solutions has been creating custom solutions for the insurance industry for decades to help insurance companies streamline experiences from end-to-end. Now all these best practices and features refined over the years can be yours in a simple, out-of-the-box insurance solution that improves sales, customer relationships, broker management, and more.

Hitachi Solutions Engage for Insurance rapidly improves sales by arming your agents with timely insights through AI and analytics used to retain customers, follow-up on renewals, and find new business. Sales leaders can also utilize analytics to track offers, manage leads by territory and product line, and gain insights into channel performance. Engage for Insurance also automates risk management, freeing your team to focus on higher priority tasks. Every element of Engage for Insurance is designed to improve sales, save time, and give your policyholders the very best experience.

How Engage for Insurance Helps Your Company

Key Features

Sales & Customer Engagement

    • Create personalized experiences for policyholders with targeted marketing campaigns through a 360-degree view of the policyholder that improves marketing and sales targeting.
    • Agents and brokers get an Agency Sales Pal that gives alerts on needed actions, sales leads, and quick access to client information.
    • Maximize the value of your agency relationships by engaging the right agency at the right time with planning tools, interaction journals, and an agent and broker portal.
    • Get a clear understanding of distributor performance including hit ratios, loss ratios, net promoter scores, agency surveys, and more.

Improve Performance and Operations and Reduce Fraud with Better Analytics and AI

    • Drill down into your business data and gain deeper insights into agency segmentation, policy management, and performance of your products.
    • Unleash producer productivity by giving them access to data analysis & reporting and activity management.
    • Gain real-time visibility into claims progress and performance metrics using integrated dashboards.
    • Reduce fraud and mitigate risks with advanced analytics and fraud detection capabilities.

Automated Insurance Processes and Policy Administration

    • Simplify application and policy processing with easy-to-use quote management, underwriting rules, and risk assessment.
    • Manage product lines, policy documents, and rating formulas with automated workflows.
    • Accelerate claims processing and evaluation with workflows and intelligent decision support to reduce costs, speed up claim decisions, and reduce fraud.
    • Modernize core insurance operations and automate the underwriting process to save costs and provide better, faster, and more accurate coverage decisions.