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Connect Mailchimp with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM - Sync Audience, Tags, Campaigns, and more!

Marketing4Dynamics is another popular innovation by Inogic that integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Mailchimp. It syncs customer data from Mailchimp into Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM along with their marketing statistics, thus ensuring easy access to comprehensive information without switching apps. Details of Mailchimp campaigns and member activities are fully accessible within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, offering an advantage in planning and executing marketing activities, thereby boosting the productivity of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users. Leverage this Mailchimp integration app for seamless import of Dynamics 365 data to MailChimp, streamlining work management like sales leads, and marketing campaigns.

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Marketing4Dynamics is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Dataverse (Power Apps) with an online deployment model.

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  • Sync Mailchimp Data to CRM - Supports syncing of Audience, Tags and Groups of Mailchimp along with its members to Dynamics 365 CRM and map with CRM Marketing List.
  • Sync Data from CRM to Mailchimp - Supports syncing of CRM Marketing List and its members (Contacts/Leads) to Mailchimp.
  • Sync Campaigns and Activities - Supports syncing of Campaigns and members activities (Open, Sent, Click, Unsubscribed and Bounced) from Mailchimp to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.
  • Dashboard and Reporting - Monitor and analyze statistics of Campaign sent to subscribers.

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