InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Easily Automate Business Rules and Processes using the InRule® Decision Platform

InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform provides a single, consolidated experience for the creation and integration of business decisions combined with enterprise-proven rule execution. Gone are the days of managing an undecipherable array of plug-ins and JavaScript to support your Dynamics 365 decision automation. Let your business processes thrive with the 10X advantage of InRule.

No Code? No Problem!

Designed for real-world scenarios, InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform allows business and IT users to manage decisions and rules that traditionally required extensive amounts of JavaScript and code.

The InRule Difference

  • Easily create complex business logic for lead routing, claims authorization, loan eligibility, product pricing and much more
  • Leverage tightly integrated rule authoring and testing with Dynamics 365/Dataverse entities and data
  • Seamlessly promote rule changes across environments
  • Take advantage of the elasticity of the cloud to meet evolving business needs

Before You Begin

Please note that InRule for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an integral component connecting your Dynamics 365/Dataverse instance with the InRule Decision Platform in the cloud. The ‘Getting Started’ page contained in the InRule Dynamics Solution will guide you through the required setup and configuration to get quickly up and running with InRule.

Also note that this application will automatically create and configure a role to be used by the service account that will connect from the Decision Platform to your Dynamics instance. For ease of use this role is created with read access to all base and custom entities. This is only used by the service account to load additional related records when running rules, and a custom role can be created and assigned to the service account if greater control is desired.

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