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ReachMe is a one-stop app to manage your contacts.

ReachMe - Instant Customer Connect

Entrepreneurs, CXOs, Sales professionals, and anyone who exchange visiting cards need to manage their contacts well enough. Your network is your net worth and to effectively manage your contacts, we introduce The “ReachMe” App.

Intelegain’s ReachMe is a one-stop app to manage your contacts. It is a visiting card scanner app and a digital contact scanner rolled into one. So if you are at an expo or attending conferences and seminars, managing those bunch of visiting cards is now easy. You simply scan and organize the contacts on ReachMe. You have the ability to instantly connect to your contacts through WhatsApp and SMS. What’s more, you can also create your own virtual visiting card.

So what does ReachMe Do: It extracts contact information by scanning paper-based visiting cards using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Microsoft Power Apps, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Flow, and Azure Cognitive Service API. The app utilizes the phone’s camera to analyze an image that is uploaded; meanwhile, the image processing algorithm, analyzes the content on the card, i.e., the text.

- QR Contact as a Virtual Card
- Integrate your contacts with an Enterprise CRM Integration
- Export contacts
- Initiate communication from app via WhatsApp & SMS
- Let your contacts know, you have added them as a contact.