Customer Support Solution - Dynamics 365

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Support Solution is the most comprehensive solution for improving the case management cycle

Extend business capacities right from Microsoft AppSource with apps that can seamlessly work with your Dynamics 365 -CRM solutions.

We build Microsoft PowerApps to help you add new capabilities to your existing business applications. Right from Microsoft AppSource, you can try out our apps for free to visualize the business agility and benefits it can drive. 

The Customer Support Solution (CSS) for Dynamics 365 - CRM App is one of our first PowerApps on AppSource. It is one of the most comprehensive solutions for digitizing your case management cycle. 

Solution Features:

Track Cases: CSS monitors all cases within different hierarchy levels in your organization. 

Keep Notified: CSS sends notifications on any action occurring on any case in your CRM System.

Give Priority: CSS prioritizes every created case and takes the expected action such as sending email and running the appropriate SLA.

Save Process Time: CSS helps accelerate the process of case management and enables serving more requests in shorter time.