Standards Planner

Standards Planner

K-12 lesson planner to quickly create, edit, collaborate, with 1,000s of standards aligned resources

Standards Planner allows educators to organize their teaching material and prepare for teaching in minutes. All tools are located on the single-page application so no more clicking through different tabs during your teaching!

Easily create lesson plans and align them to state and national standards such as common core (CCSS), Next-gen Science (NGSS) and more. Drag and drop resources onto the lesson plan to organize each lesson in advance, and make them public of administrators, substitutes, teachers, or even flip your classroom.

[LI#] Search through 1,000's of standards aligned resources [/LI#]

[LI#] Connect directly to your Google Drive documents [/LI#]

[LI#] Browse app center including CK12, Khan Academy, and more [/LI#]

[LI#] Customized calendar based on your periods and schedule [/LI#]

[LI#] Quick drag and drop planner [/LI#]

[LI#] All national and state standards including CCSS, NGSS, ISTE, and more [/LI#]

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