Micro:bit Model Rocket Car Competition

Micro:bit Model Rocket Car Competition Excel companion add-in



This add-in requires Excel 2016 desktop/rich-client version. It does not currently work with Excel 2016 on-line or with Excel 2013 (any versions)

The Micro:bit Model Rocket Car Competition is a UK schools competition to design, build and race a model rocket powered car and potentially become a Guinness World Record holder!

More information on the competition and how to enter can be found at:

This Micro:bit Model Rocket Car Challenge companion add-in for Excel 2016 enables teachers/student facilitators to enter team rocket car run information (time, acceleration, team name) into a companion spreadsheet (see below) for further display, analysis and also provides a mechanism for uploading relevant run-related information to the main competition leader-board.



This add-in requires a companion 'Rocket Car Competition' Excel template spreadsheet to correctly function.

This can be downloaded for free at:

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