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Your internal help desk bot


OfficeAmp makes it easy for office managers and admins to run an efficient workplace by giving employees a one-stop-shop for all of their requests and questions.

Simple and robust ITSM system that lives entirely inside Microsoft Teams, with an external KanBan dashboard to visually track, assign, and resolve tickets.

Need a snack in the pantry? 🍪 🍫 Want to book a flight? ✈️ Order some lunch? 🍱

No more emails, texts, or calls. Simply message OfficeAmp and get stuff done around the office.

Here’s why your team will love OfficeAmp:

1. Employees ask a question like "where can I see my paystubs", "whats our travel policy" or "how do I request a new laptop" and OfficeAmp will try to answer such questions using its internal knowledge base that you set up for your team.

2. If the answer does not satisfy the employee (or the knowledge base does not have the answer), she can raise a ticket by directly messaging OfficeAmp. Example of tickets - flickering lights on the second floor, pantry running low on snickers, need a new mouse or wifi is slow, etc.

3. Our AI helps you categorize and prioritize issues. When you type in need to buy a new HDMI cable, it will be automatically be categorized as “IT” and the designated IT person would be instantly notified.

4. Stay organized in Microsoft Teams. No more lengthy email threads, calls, or employees bugging each other about issues. Things no longer fall through the cracks. Always work on what is most important and urgent.

5. Generate real-time reports and get insights on what’s required for a happier office.

6. We succeed if you do. Get world-class customer support (from a team of humans :)) within Microsoft Teams. You can type Dialm for live support.

Wait, there is more. You can customize the categories of issues, assign more than one person to manage each category, assign issues to others in the team, manage chores around multiple offices... All of this and much more, right inside Microsoft Teams. Get started now.

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