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Elevate your academic writing with the help of world-class machine learning.

Paperpal is a powerful assistive writing tool for scientific papers. Integrated into Microsoft Word, Paperpal helps you write a fantastic paper by suggesting improvements to your text as you write. The best part is – it's completely free!

Paperpal helps you with your spelling, grammar, sentence structure and picking the best words to express your ideas. Our machine learning technology has been trained on millions of published academic papers, letting you learn from the scientific community as you write. Paperpal helps you write better and faster by:

Integrating real-time suggestions into MS Word - Paperpal works where you work!

Providing in-depth language feedback to improve clarity and flow of text.

Rewriting and fixing complex sentences based on readability recommendations.

Using the key concepts and topics in your paper to improve it in a meaningful way.

Paperpal has extensive experience readying papers for publication, and it can improve yours too. We are the go-to submission partner for Wolters Kluwer, IOP, IEEE, Royal Society, ASCO, and many others.

Using Paperpal is free and easy. It takes just three steps:

1. Click on 'Get It Now' above

2. Open MS Word and find 'Open Paperpal' in the top-right corner of the Home tab once it is installed

3. Start receiving suggestions to make your paper the best it can be!

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