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Add-in to provide a connection between XTM Cloud and both online and desktop Excel spreadsheets

The add-in (for online and desktop use) is a user-friendly solution developed to provide a connection between Excel sheets and XTM Cloud Translation Management System. Download the add-in to streamline your localization processes with automation of the translation workflow. The configuration of translation projects takes place within XTM TMS

This add-in provides a direct connection between MS Excel and XTM Cloud Translation Management System, a class-leading translation and localization management solution.

It allows for fast upload of content directly from your spreadsheet into a dedicated cloud-based platform, where it can be easily managed, edited, pre-translated using AI-supported features, and allocated to selected language service providers or reviewers.

The add-in significantly streamlines your localization workflow, offering a wealth of automation features.

The add-in is available to the holders of MS Office license who are also registered users of XTM Cloud Translation Management System.

Note: this add-in requires an existing XTM account.

If you don't have one, you can sign up for a free trial account here:

For installation or troubleshooting:

Feel free to watch our webinar where you can see our connector in action:


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