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Meetinch is a meeting collaboration tool that helps to plan, run, track, and schedule team meetings.

Meetinch is built to make every meeting result-oriented and improve company’s meeting culture.

How does it work?

Before the meeting

Start with a clear meeting agenda: set an objective, determine agenda items, and assign responsible attendees.

Meetinch creates a clear meeting request providing comprehension for the attendees what is the plan and what is expected from them, as well as a structure to follow during the meeting.

During the meeting

Create meeting minutes collaboratively – assign to-dos to the attendees, record made decisions, vote for the proposals, write personal notes, track time, and avoid deviation from the meeting agenda – all this and more in a shared meeting workspace!

Shared workspace is located in the Meetinch Web App, so it doesn’t require any app downloads or extra effort – just sign in once and you’re always in control of your calendar and meetings.

After the meeting

Automatically receive the meeting summary in your e-mail – it’s easy to download meeting minutes as an editable .docx file if needed and export the assigned tasks for each participant individually.

Meetinch App centrally stores all your historical meeting minutes and workspaces, allowing you to simply navigate through and find needed information from meetings really smoothly.

Besides, Meetinch is an irreplaceable tool to track progress and adjust agendas for recurring meetings.

Learn more about Meetinch features here!

Data security

Meetinch is built on experience and expertise in software development and cybersecurity, which makes it a product to trust. All Meetinch data stores in highly secure Microsoft Azure datacenters, pinned to the EU locations. We are ensuring data encryption both in transit (using TLS 1.2+) and rest when stored in databases.

Using capabilities provided by Microsoft Azure distributed platform, our monthly uptime percentage target is 99.5%, 5sec RPO, and 30 sec RTO targets for data recovery.

In summary – your data is secure with us!

Why trust?

Meetinch was born and raised by dots. – a technology company with a 20-year experience, proud Microsoft Gold partner, that combines innovative, dedicated and certified IT professionals with in-depth expertise and extensive know-how in various fields, like Cloud and Machine Learning, Software Development, IT infrastructure and Cybersecurity solutions.

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