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Revolutionize Employee Experiences with ChatGPT-like interactions and Auto-Resolutions

Aisera AI Service Desk is the enterprise co-pilot that empowers businesses with ChatGPT-like and Generative AI interactions to automate service delivery and support for multiple domains, including IT, HR, Finance, Legal, and Facilities. It provides delightful employee experiences with intelligent conversations across all channels, anytime and anywhere and enables Microsoft Teams to be the central process hub for your company. Aisera harnesses the power of verticalized and domain-specific large language models, automated workflows, and unsupervised AI to understand natural language and context, recognize sentiment and emotion, and seamlessly transition between contexts, languages, and domains to deliver cohesive and personalized responses with a high degree of accuracy and fluency.

With Aisera’s Generative AI, support is fast, automated, proactive and scalable. In days, not weeks, you can cut support costs, improve productivity and boost employee satisfaction.


400+ integrations to ticketing, knowledge, and IAM systems

1200+ pre-trained workflows for task automation

Conversational AI with 5B+ intents and 1T+ phrases

Omni-channel support (web portal, chat, email, voice, mobile app)

Auto-classification and routing through Ticket AI

Automated AI learning

Agent Assist and next-best actions for agents to resolve tickets

Native support for Service Catalog through Forms

Listening mode for channels in Microsoft Teams

AI-Powered personalized & broadcast messaging

Aisera's SaaS Service subscription is required to be able to use AI Service Desk by Aisera.

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