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Simplify people's development with regular nudges and feedbacks.

For an effective and engaging feedback process, it is paramount to make it simple and hassle-free. The Knudge chatbot provides a convenient way for everyone to give/receive feedback within Microsoft Teams. The bot helps managers save time on creating and assessing elaborate forms. Also, chatbot personalizes the process and provides an interactive mechanism for the users to share or ask for feedback.

The intelligent nudges triggered by the bot help augment the culture of sharing feedback within the organization.

Using the Knudge bot you can do the following:

1. Give/Request Feedback- With the peer feedback option, you can ask/provide feedback for anyone across the organization! Feedback should always be a two-way street, too. Not only is it important for managers to provide feedback to employees regularly, but employees should offer their managers periodic feedback as well. Doing so helps everyone improve and succeed in their job.

2. Collect Actionable Feedback- The key data points for actionable feedback can be divided into - quantitative numeric data and contextual qualitative data (that is more free-form in nature). Former gives you discrete data that you can measure, to know if you are on the right track, whereas the latter with open-ended questions ensure you’re giving your employees a chance to talk and give a detailed review.

3. Dynamic Real-time Feedback- Why wait for months to gather and share feedback with your employees? Continuous performance monitoring with regular, effective feedback will produce optimal outcomes. Through improved employee observation, managers can gain a full understanding of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, help them to heighten their development graph with the company and thus increase their motivation to succeed.

4. Measurable Insights- The Feedback Bot converts the qualitative and quantitative data from all your surveys into actionable insights by grouping feedback to highlight trends and the biggest impact points to take action on.

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