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Share your business data from the Fabasoft Cloud

Share your business data from the Fabasoft Cloud

Speed up team collaboration by linking the relevant project documents such as agreements, protocols etc. from the Fabasoft Cloud directly to your conversation in Microsoft Teams.

The Fabasoft Cloud App allows you to add and share a project folder (e.g. a Teamroom, folder or calendar) from the Fabasoft Cloud in a separate tab in Microsoft Teams at any time. Since users do not have to constantly switch back and forth between these two applications, the productivity of individual users and the entire team is increased.

When you start a Team Channel in Microsoft Teams, you can search for objects stored in this project folder and share them with your team colleagues in a channel or chat and discuss the linked object together.

Features & benefits:

• Improve your overall project communication by linking the relevant business data directly to your conversations in Microsoft Teams

• Share any data you want, regardless of file size

• Do a quick search for any relevant business data in the Fabasoft Cloud and share it immediately in channels or chats

• Add Fabasoft Cloud “Teamrooms” and folders to a separate tab in Microsoft Teams

In order to use this app, an active Fabasoft Cloud account is required. If you are interested please send a short message to

About the Fabasoft Cloud:

The Fabasoft Cloud is a highly customizable document and workflow management system that allows you to digitize your company business processes quickly and easily. Digital content can be processed efficiently across organizational, IT infrastructure and country borders. Functionalities like intuitively creating automated workflows, automatic synchronization, semantic full text search, seamless versioning or digital signatures simplify daily work and significantly increase productivity.

The Fabasoft Cloud also offers a range of immediately available products. Users benefit from highly scalable and continuously updated software that can cover multiple use cases – without changing the work environment. The Fabasoft Cloud is developed and operated in Europe and offers the highest security regulations in terms of data protection and data security.

More information about the Fabasoft Cloud can be found here.


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