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timetoreply is the market-leading email analytics and email performance optimizing tool for customer

The timetoreply Optimiser

Please note that, to be able to use the timetoreply Optimiser, you and your team members will need an active timetoreply account (active trial or paid subscription account). Sign up for a free, 15 day trial account via, create an account and follow the steps to link your teams’ mailboxes. timetoreply only views and ingests email header information (meta information) and does not access, view or store the body or attachments of any emails…your data privacy and security is important to us.

The timetoreply Optimiser is designed to boost individual team member’s email (timetoreply Success) & lead response (timetoreply Ignite) performance, in real-time, by showing a subset of their live email / lead response metrics in a window on their desktop, and how those metrics stack up to those of their team’s. It also saves a tonne of time by showing which emails or inbound leads should be addressed next based on any SLAs or custom goals which have been set up.

The timetoreply Optimiser:

- supports and enables continuous, real-time performance improvement

- saves team managers time - fewer reporting meetings

- saves team members time - showing which emails or inbound leads should be tackled next

-continuously drives team performance as a whole

If you don’t already know about us:

timetoreply shows you:

- how quickly and effectively customer emails and inbound sales leads are being responded to

- email / inbound lead volumes by time and day

- times to close or resolution

- individual mailbox/team member performance, shared mailbox

performance and how each team member contributes to the workflow through tracked, shared mailboxes.

Timetoreply provides real-time reporting on:

- email / inbound lead reply times

- emails / inbound leads awaiting customer, prospect reply

- emails / inbound leads awaiting your team, or team member’s reply

- contact success rates and how they’re influenced by your team’s

reply times

- custom reply time goals, alerts and SLAs

- email / inbound lead volume data - useful for workforce planning

- Mark emails as closed, or inbound leads won/lost – no need for an impersonal ticketing system

- individual, shared and group mailboxes

- team member contribution to shared mailboxes

- 12 month trends

Take the mystery out of your team’s email with customizable dashboards that give you the exact metrics you need to make business decisions.

timetoreply encrypts data and does not access the body of your teams’ email, so your company’s information is always private and secure.

If you’d like to connect with a timetoreply team member and run through a no-obligation personalized demo, email


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